Vision & Mission

We are one of the black owned leading law firms committed to the highest standards of service excellence and truly representative of the demographics of South Africa.

We strive to:

  • Continue to embrace technology in order to ensure that our objectives of service excellence are realized.

  • Uphold the firm ethos of empowering our employees and service providers.

  • Provide our staff with a challenging and creative workspace based on an entrenched culture of recognition and learning.

  • Strive to employ disabled members of our society and appropriate work be identified with their input on their physical capabilities.

  • Make it company obligation that women who are in legal industry are given recognition and we shall employ enough in order to balance gender in our firm.

  • Maintain service excellence at every contact throughout the firm.

  • Continue enhancing our specialization in a range of legal disciplines critical to corporate South Africa, offering leadership and creative thinking in each focus area; and

  • Constantly enhance our ability to understand and to evolve within the context of the local and regional, business environments, thereby allowing us to assist local clients in the pursuit of global objectives and foreign clients in the structuring and development of their local interest.

NYOFFU ATTORNEYS is registered with;

  • The law society of Northern Province.

  • Black Lawyers association.

Our Clients